Congrats to my friend James Garner on his new family addition, a brand new daughter.

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Labor Day hurrah and The Junto

Jody and I went down to our former home, Austin, Texas, to visit friends and take a little mini-vacation. We stayed downtown, which was crazy and loud due to the holiday festivities and the Longhorn season opener. We got to see some good old friends: Sarah and Breen, and Phillip, as well as some new friends. I got to visit with one of my friends Keith who took time out of his landscape toiling to have a snack at Starbucks. I tried to sign him on to the idea of a club inspired by Ben Franklin’s Junto. It would be good to get a few smart people together to accomplish some truly great things.

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Jody and I had dinner with my uncle Stan for his birthday last night. He is someone I have learned a lot from and is always pleasant company. Many happy returns.

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My good friend Jon took a job at another company. It is a significant upgrade as he’ll now be a developer working in billing systems and tools. I love to see people enjoying success in their careers.

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Game credits

One good thing about having worked in the game industry is that you get credited in the game packaging, etc. View my credits here at Moby Games (City of Hereos) and here (Lineage II). I should also have credit for The Sims Online, Ultima Online (as GM Pigpen), and Motor City Online, which are other games I have worked on.

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Being the top “Sivori”

I’m not the only one trying to Google well. The WSJ had an article recently where they described how many parents are choosing names that will be easily found via search engines. (See: You’re a Nobody Unless Your Name Googles Well) Back when people lived in small communities, everyone knew you. They knew your family, where you lived, nearly everything about you. Go to small rural communities and it is still this way.

With the Internet, everyone is connected, but identity is more diffuse. Names that once carried context (family names) now signal nothing except your ethnic heritage. In the connected world we now live in, you have access to more people and must therefore be easily found and investigated. Where once people would ask your friends and neighbors about you, now they must search the Internet for your residue.

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There can be only one – part 2

In my quixotic quest to be the top Google result for “Sivori”, this site is now top. Who knows how long it will last? It definitely helps to have the word Sivori in the url.

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Camillo Sivori as Paganini’s pupil

Camillo Sivori
From Ingolf Turban’s liner notes:

“…So were there any sort of lessons given in the years between 1822 and 1824? Not really, as Camillo Sivori later remembered, describing Paganini as the “worst teacher the world has ever seen”. Rude language, sarcasm and mockery were on the agenda for Sivori, after Paganini had asked the boy to sight-read his own untidy composition which Sivori naturally failed to accomplish. Paganini “grabbed the violin like a lion would grab a lamb and played the etude again without a glance at the sheet music.”

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Brian and Melina at Denny’s

Brian and Melina

Saw my friend Brian for the first time since 2002 or thereabouts. His wife was very nice and we spent three hours at the Denny’s on Motor catching up. They live in Kansas City right now, but are giving serious thought to moving back to San Antonio. That would put him closer, which would be awesome.

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Good weekend

This past Saturday, Breen and Sarah got hitched. It was a great ceremony and it was a special privilege to see them and their family and a few of our mutual friends like Rodney and Laura. Sarah was a beautiful bride. She and Danny looked very happy together, and we wish them the best. I need to remember to send them photos.

Hopefully, we will make it out to the West Coast for a visit. The whole experience made me realize how important it is to appreciate good friends. True friendship is a rare and needs replenishment. When we met for drinks Thursday night, I realized that we had not seen them for two years, yet it seemed like no time had passed at all.

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